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New Here?

At Coram Deo we realize that visiting a church can be an intimidating thing for some. We hope that you would come in as you are, but not leave the way in which you have come.

What will the services be like?

We desire to have a celebratory and reverent time together. Service is a gathering of people of all ages. So expect a little noise. The music will be a mix of hymns and Spiritual songs focused on Scripture and the greatness of God. The sermon will be preached from the Bible. The service will last 1 1/2 hrs.

We will not ask you for money. The needs of our church are met by the members of our church and partners. For more info on what the service is like click here – Worship.

What should I wear?

The dress is casual. You may find someone in a suit, but you will find someone in jeans, khaki’s, polo, or even t-shirts. We desire to cultivate an atmosphere that says just because you wear a tie it doesn’t make you spiritual. The Lord looks at the heart. We also want to be people of modesty. A great way to determine if your dress is modest is the question, “Does this outfit accentuate my face, or something else?”

I have kids, what about them?

During Sunday service we desire our children to worship together with us. We want them to be able to observe their parents and others during worship and learn what is expected from a young age. If a child does become disruptive parents are encouraged to lead them to our quiet room. There is a closed circuit tv there so that they are able to still see and hear the service. (Sermons can also be found on our website if missed.)

Wednesday night we have a ministry designated specifically for our children. You can find out more here – Children

Do you have fire extinguishers just in case I burst into flames?

Yes and they are up to date! However we have yet to see the Lord strike someone down or make them burst into flames…ever. The Lord is not a cosmic cop waiting for you to enter the church to “get you.” If he has led you to church that shows a gracious compassion for you. Come in and hear the words of life and rest easy that you are still alive to hear the gospel.

Will I be singled out or have to say anything?

No. You will not be singled out or be called on to say anything. Relax!

Is Coram Deo affiliated with a denomination?

We are affiliated with the Canadian National Baptist Convention (CNBC). By clicking here, you can find out more about what we believe. Senior Pastor
Ben Lane
Email: pastor@coramdeogp.com Treasurer
Joshua Koop
Email: admin@coramdeogp.com

Coram Deo Baptist Church
9101 104 Ave, Grande Prairie, AB, T8X 1H5
Office: (780)532-0445
Fax: (780)832-0692
Email: information@coramdeogp.com

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